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Organiser: Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water Malaysia (KeTTHA)

Prior to the Cabinet reshuffle on 9 April 2009, KeTTHA known as the Ministry of Energy, Water and Communications (MEWC) was established on March 27, 2004 through the restructuring of the Ministry of Energy, Communications and Multimedia. KeTTHA is responsible for planning, formulating policies and programmes to lead a new initiative addressing global issues such as environmental pollution, ozone depletion, 'global warming' and issues related thereto.

Co-Organiser: Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (GreenTech Malaysia)

Malaysian Green Technology Corporation (GreenTech Malaysia) is an organisation under the purview of the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA), charged with catalysing green technology deployment as a strategic engine for socio-economic growth in Malaysia in line with the National Green Technology Policy 2009.

Strategic Partner: Malaysian Exhibition Services Sdn Bhd (MES)

IGEM 2016’s strategic partner is MES and will be marketed worldwide by Singapore based International Expo Management Pte Ltd and London based Overseas Exhibition Services Ltd. These companies are all members of Allworld Exhibitions Alliance of exhibition organisers, managers and consultants with experience in the industry for over 40 years and currently organise over 150 trade exhibitions biennially. For further information, please visit: www.mesallworld.com

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