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In 2016, an estimated 54.5% of the world’s population lived in urban areas, with the United Nations predicting this number to increase to 60% by 2030. 
With an estimated two in every three people expected to live in cities in the near future, this year’s IGEM, is pertinently themed “Powering Green Cities”, focussing on creating living areas that are ecologically-sound and future-ready. 
Organised by the Malaysian Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA), the International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia (IGEM) has established itself as South East Asia’s largest trade event for green technologies and eco solutions. This event is the ideal platform for solution providers and green energy businesses to tap into the fast expanding ASEAN market by showcasing the latest innovations to policy makers, government organisations, investors and the mass markets under the IGEM brand. 
Over the years, IGEM has successfully generated an estimated RM 8.8 Billion in business leads since its initiation in 2010. This is made possible with the attendance of over 300,000 visitors including delegates, dignitaries and companies from over 50 countries. 
Annually, IGEM houses over 350 international and regional exhibitors. Major players include BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Daelim Industrial Co., First Solar, General Electrics, Toshiba, IHI Enviro Corporation, Japan External Trade Organisation, Korea Environment Industry & Technology Institute, Tenaga Nasional Berhad and many more. 
The key elements of IGEM 2017 will be the showcase of alternative energy options for future cities, eco infrastructure materials and fixtures, energy efficient and electric vehicles, and innovations that will optimise natural resources and minimise residual impact in urban landscapes. 
The 3 day event will also feature insightful discussions and networking sessions with international speakers and thought leaders on the future of developing sustainable urban areas. 





Melaka State Economic Plannning Unit

As a state, we have long recognised the importance and immense potential of transitioning towards green technology, setting a target of becoming a green technology city state by 2020. We are already well on our way in our green journey with electric buses, electric charging stations and have been recognised for our low carbon city efforts.

IGEM continues to be an important platform for the Melaka State Government to both showcase our current green endeavours as well as explore opportunities to partner with industry leaders to rollout more green projects that will further catapult Melaka’s green status.


Dr. Claus Weidner
President & CEO, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia


Mercedes-Benz Malaysia

With consumer mind-sets shifting towards eco-friendliness and efficiency, there is a pressing need for all aspects of the automotive industry to evolve. At Mercedes-Benz, we see IGEM and the Green Car Pavilion as a perfect example of a proactive approach that needs to be adopted to catalyse the nascent green vehicle sector.

As the inventor of the automobile, we are driven by our commitment to set new standards. Mercedes-Benz has for decades been at the forefront of developing vehicular engine technologies that have minimal environmental impact, and we have made it our ambition to combine environmental sustainability with everyday practicality. We look forward to being a part of this one-of-a-kind event to feature to provide our visitors with a glimpse of the future of mobility by Mercedes-Benz.


Huawei Technologies (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd

As a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, Huawei takes pride in continually pushing the boundaries of innovation while emphasising sustainability. This is reflected in our range of Smart PV Solutions that allow for higher yields, smarter operations and easier management, resulting in global shipping volumes of 10.5GW in 2015, which makes Huawei the global leader in the PV industry.

We are glad to be participating in IGEM 2016, ASEAN’s largest green technology exhibition, to showcase our latest breakthroughs to an audience of regional and international trade visitors. Further, in line with our spirit of open collaboration, Huawei is delighted to be invited to the Solar PV Conference, which congregates the world’s leading solar professionals and promises to be the region’s premier solar conference. Your are welcome to witness the excellent demonstration of FusionSolar Smart PV Solution.


H.E.Dag Juhlin-Dannfelt

For IGEM 2016 , the Swedish Embassy and Business Sweden are collaborating once again with KeTTHA and GreenTech Malaysia to organise seminars and workshops that will allow experts from Sweden’s industry leading renewable energy sector to share insights and success stories that will help further develop the domestic RE sector. With insightful and engaging activities such as these, we are confident that IGEM 2016 will continue its track-record as an important catalyst for leading companies and decision makers within ASEAN and beyond.


Zhu Gongshan
President, APVIA

In our mission to nurture the growth of ASEAN’s solar industry, we are pleased to be partnering with Malaysia’s green agencies, the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water, Malaysia; GreenTech Malaysia; and the MPIA to highlight the tremendous economic and environmental potential of solar technology at IGEM 2016.

Through a dedicated Solar Energy Zone and the inaugural Solar PV Conference, we aim to bridge the various aspects of the solar industry including innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, government officials and other key decision makers to establish a solid foundation that will see ASEAN’s solar sector climb to new heights. The exhibition and conference will feature industry leading corporations and international solar experts offering participants with an in-depth look into the latest developments and the future of ASEAN’s solar market.


Charles Fine
President and Dean of the Asia School of Business

In line with our mission to develop transformative and principled leaders who will contribute to a better future, we are pleased to be leading the charge in ensuring the youth of Malaysia are well-equipped to pioneer this clean future through MakerFest.

Together with GreenTech Malaysia, we will be bringing the MIT-developed MakerFest to IGEM for the first time ever. We aim to inspire the young minds of today to instil a spirit of green innovation and entrepreneurship. We believe there is no better venue for this than IGEM with a range of cutting-edge green technologies and industry leaders on ground at the exhibition.


Roberto Benetello
Chairman, EUMCCI

The EUMCCI has been a supporter of IGEM for seven consecutive years through the EU Pavilion. The EUMCCI recognises IGEM as a perfect avenue for European companies to showcase their green products and solutions with exclusive access to network with top Government officials, Ambassadors and major industry players. We are proud to continue our ongoing partnership with the Malaysian government to promote, support and strengthen the EU green business community in Malaysia.


Johnity Ongkili
Minister of Energy, Green Technology and Water

IGEM’s solid track record has continued to position it as the region’s leading green technology event and as a central hub for developing green businesses within ASEAN. For seven years, IGEM has attracted leading industry players, trade commissions, government officials and visitors from around the world, to exchange innovation, expertise and knowledge, while generating cross-country business opportunities.

We will continue to enhance IGEM to offer not just the best showcase, but also unique conferences and complementing events that will further promote developments and investment opportunities within this ever-evolving industry.


Ir.Ahmad Izdihar Supaat
MGBC, President

Building and construction play a critical role in the quality of our environment and in fact, represent one of the key contributors to carbon emissions. To create a healthier and more a sustainable community for all Malaysians this is a key sector that must be addressed.

As the key driving force towards a sustainable built environment in Malaysia, MGBC is proud to be involved in IGEM 2016 to facilitate greater understanding on the benefits of green building and encourage the adoption of green practices in construction to a diverse audience of construction professionals, developers, town planners, policy makers and other key decision makers.


Dato Azman Mahmud

Striking a balance between greening the economy and being pro-business is critical in achieving Malaysia’s ambition to be a developed nation by 2020. Towards this end, MIDA will continue to provide the necessary facilitations to ensure a sustainable investment environment.

IGEM has cemented its position as a strategic business platform for the green economy having generated business leads amounting to over RM8 billion. MIDA is proud to play an integral role in this green growth since the inaugural IGEM in 2010 particularly through the Business Consultation sessions that we organise. We look forward to connecting more green businesses at IGEM 2016!


Shadzli Abdul Wahab
MPIA, President

The MPIA is pleased to be collaborating with KeTTHA and GreenTech Malaysia to be part of the region’s largest green technology exhibition. There is immense potential for further growth of the solar sector particularly in Malaysia but also within the ASEAN region. To help businesses capture this potential we are proud to be hosting the Solar Energy Zone in conjunction with IGEM 2016.

MPIA is working together with APVIA to maximise this opportunity, bringing in exhibitors and trade visitors from countries such as China, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia. We are very enthusiastic about this upcoming event and will leave no stone unturned to make the Solar Energy Zone a great success. We urge all solar entrepreneurs to sign up and be part of IGEM 2016.


Chin Soo Mau
MPIA, Vice President

The MPIA is committed to catalysing the growth of the solar industry through high-level networking and knowledge sharing events. In line with this, MPIA is collaborating with APVIA to organise ASEAN’s premier Solar PV Conference featuring international thought leaders to further unlock growth opportunities within the sector.

The Conference will be held in conjunction with IGEM 2016 and will look to leverage on the exhibition’s proven track-record of attracting global industry leaders and its increased emphasis on solar power, through its dedicated Solar Energy Zone, to create the must-attend event for all energy sector players.

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