10th International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia
9-11 October 2019 | Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre

Month: July 2019

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技及创新平台,旨在吸引全球主要业者 暂时绿色科技的最新突破。届时将邀请 首相敦马哈迪开幕。 在东盟绿色业务快速增tC:推动下, IGEM将助企业发挥S大潜力,并继续巩 同大马的绿色科技中心地位,推动绿色 业务投资

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IGEM 2019 targets business leads worth RM2.8 bln

At least 35 countries are expected to participate in the event. Energy, Science, Technology, Environment and Climatic Change Deputy Minister Isnaraissah Munirah Majilis said with more than 350 exhibitors and 35,000 expected global visitors, IGEM offered a one-of-a-kind showcase hub for ground-breaking green technologies and products.