IGEM Programmes

  • Exhibition

    With 3 exhibition halls, IGEM 2022 is expected to cater to more than 200  exhibition booths in three days of physical event and becomes a showcase  platform for Industry players, Ministries, Agencies, State governments,  International Embassies and High Commissions, Universities, Start ups and  NGOs.

  • Conference

    IGEM 2022 will engage with existing partners and source for new  conference partners in order to provide variation in terms of programs /  topic content at IGEM such as Climate Change, Hydrogen, Financing,  Sustainability, Water & Waste, Environment, Carbon Neutral, Youth &  Women.

  • Business Matching

    IGEM 2022 will continue its engagement with MIDA and MATRADE in order to  facilitate in terms of IGEM business leads. Aside from these two engagements,  IGEM will also collaborate with high commissions and business chambers to  organize business clinics, workshops and seminars to share or discuss topics  related to investment and international trade.


    Partnerships & Colaborations

    Physical Conference

    Global Roadshow

    Virtual Programmes

    Green Investment Forum


    Roundtable Discussion

    International Pavillion

    New Sector @IGEM

    Embassy & Trade Office Engagement

    Roadmaps / Policy Launches