Events on 22nd September

Pre- Record Promo Video | CapDe Talk – Registered Electrical Energy Manager Workshop (REEM) 10.00-12.00PM | TRAC 1: SESSION 2 – Clean Energy for Public Transportation

Events on 15th September

10.00-1.00PM | Webinar Perolehan Hijau Kerajaan (Government Green Procurement; GGP) untuk pegawai Kerajaan (Ministries, Agencies, State Government and Local Authorities) 2.30-4.00PM | Communicating Science for Climate Action Grant Programme

Events on 8th September

10.00AM-1.00PM  | Webinar on Government Incentives in the Green Technology Sector 2.00AM-4.30PM | GHG emissions from Peatland Management in relation to Malaysia’s commitment under the Paris Agreement on Climate Change by GEC 10.00AM-12.00PM | TRAC 1: SESSION 1 – Reigniting the Future Sustainability 2.30-3.30PM | MalaysiaGBC Webinar