IGEM 2021 Virtual Sustainability Conference Commencing In July Urges Businesses To Drive Malaysia’s Green Economy

The Ministry of Environment and Water (KASA) has officially pre-launched the 12th International Greentech and Eco Products Exhibition and Conference Malaysia (IGEM 2021) a virtual conference to address the sustainability effort and ways to catalyse the green economy growth in Malaysia and across the region.

IGEM 2021 will be run consecutively for six months commencing from the first of July until December 31, 2021, as part of the government’s direct initiative to drive green agenda, business sustainability and unlock the green economy recovery for both environment and economy.

This year, the programme is themed i“Redefining Sustainability”. The event will address new climate scenario, challenges, demand and to ensure sustainability among industry players, associations, and member of the public.

IGEM 2021 will showcase 300 virtual booths representing companies and organisations from over 50 countries with targeted visitation from 100 countries globally.

Shamsul Bahar Mohd Nor, Chief Executive Officer of Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Centre (MGTC) said, “We have also set and expanded target of achieving more than RM5 billion in business leads over the 6 months period this year. On the opening day, we anticipate showcasing approximately 60 organisations and confidence more organisation will join on the platform to further enhancing the programme in next coming months.”

The July theme will be “green technology” and it will feature the strategic Lab – Visioning a Hydrogen Economy for Malaysia Conference in which stakeholder will get to consult to surface the vision for formation of Malaysia’s Hydrogen Economy as well as the Convention on Promotion of Energy Sustainability Best Practices (COPES BEST).

In the months to come, the theme focuses on Water, Climate Change and Environment, Sustainability, Green Financing as well as Energy and E-Mobility, respectively.

IGEM has been instrumental in developing a thriving domestic green economy, it also has played an important role in fostering regional’s exchange of knowledge ideas and innovation, over the past 10 years.

Ibrahim Tuan Man, Minister Environment and Water (KASA), during the address said, “This virtual year IGEM will continue to strengthen its image and stands a leading trade event in Southeast Asia for green technology, eco innovation.”

“IGEM is also an ideal platform for stakeholders, community and the public to explore business opportunity in the green sector and is beneficial to the rapid growth of the ASEAN market with the widespread participations from various industry sectors, government sectors, investors in showcasing their latest green technology innovation,” he added.

IGEM 2021, has been upgraded and will integrate new features such as an enhanced user interface that allows the platform to track participant movement and will auto-generate attendance certificates. Participants will be able to interact with key industry leaders, participate in over 50 scheduled conference and sessions, focuses on issues relating to climate change and the green economy.

“We will also be introducing an IGEM passport and online access pass that provides visitor access to the various conversations and conference session happening across the platform, as well as the listing of participating companies,” Shamsul Bahar added.

“As we progress in IGEM 2021, we are also optimistic that, as we will be integrating more dynamic and attractive partnership. Hence, we urge Malaysian companies who have yet to sign up for IGEM 2021 to join and explore the formation of new partnership through IGEM platform.  

Be part of us to redefining sustainability and support the further drive of Malaysia’s green growth agenda as well as the region’s economy through showcasing the green technology products and services,”  Shamsul Bahar said.

Notably, the previous IGEM 2020 has forged a great success, recorded over 10,000 participation, 161 exhibitors, from almost 80 countries who attended the conference session, featured more than 200 speakers and generated an investment value of RM 3.4 billion. 

Source : Business Today